Hi, I’m Sarah

I created this website after discovering the vast amounts of information I had been accumulating about becoming and being a mom. I originally launched as “Manhattan Mama”, but my audience is from all over the world and I wanted to make sure all moms felt welcome. My goal is to deliver helpful advice in the form of an online handbook, with easy-to-read lists and responses to everyday questions. Every new mom arrives at that harrowing moment when she realizes her infant didn’t come with an owner’s manual, and my hope is that The Mama Handbook can serve as that guide.

I found so much value in my community of smart, savvy mom friends, some of whom are professionals in the field. And I hope to create that type of community here and on Instagram (@manhattanmama_.

To be clear, I’m not claiming to be THE expert. But I have a ton of useful information to share. I am a relentless researcher, I love making lists and, most importantly, I have a fantastic network of other moms who have banded together to support one another with answers to the dozens of parenting questions that seem to come up every single day.

I tried to make this website intuitive, but use the search bar if you are looking for something specific. If I haven’t written about it yet, just head over to the Q&A page and I’ll move your questions to the top of my list to write about. If there is a topic that should be discussed by a professional, I’ll reach into my network and find one to help us out.

Thanks for stopping by!