Series: A curated toy guide for 4-5 month olds

I find it so interesting to see which toys become hits and which are total misses. Every toy on the list has been test and approved by my little guy. During the 4-5 month age he was still playing with the toys on the 2-3 month old curated list, but the below were cycled in and become some of his new faves.

  1. Frog oball – This oball jingles and shakes, and like the other oball toys is easy for little hands to hold. This is a great car toy to keep little ones busy.
  2. Baby Einstein Soft Blocks – Charlie loved these blocks right away. They are so light and easy for a little one to hold. They all have different textures, fabrics and features such as mirrors, chimes, and even a vibrating octopus! Like all of his other toys, the tags were a big hit!
  3. Fisher Price Maracas – Another simple toy that Charlie liked right away. He loved the rattle noise and really liked something about the soft side of the rattle. We now bring these rattles as “instruments” to any music classes we attend.
  4. Playmats and activity gyms – I still love the playmats for this age. At this age they can really interact with the toys on the playmat and start having even more fun with it. They are also great to protect the carpet from the constant drool. My favorite is the Lovevery, but there are so many great options out there.
  5. Sophie the giraffe – Babies seem to love everything about this teether: the shape is perfect for little hands to grip, the texture is soft but still still hard enough to teethe on, the smell is actually quite lovely, and of course Sophie is phthalates and BPA-free. Charlie loves to hold and play with Sophie as well.
  6. Baby Einstein Musical Toy Bar – Our little guy loved this musical toy bar for his car seat and stroller. The music and lights were a good distraction if he was ever upset going into the car seat. The only down side is that in some car seats and strollers it is difficult to position it so the baby can touch it, but that complaint is not specific to this toy – that just comes along with the design of the stroller or car seat.
  7. Fisher Price Jumperoo – This was such a big hit for Charlie. He could have bounced in this thing for hours, but we limited him to the 15 minute suggested maximum a couple of times per day. This is such a fun place to let your little one play while you get something done nearby. We also purchased this version for the Hamptons and don’t like it nearly as much. I would go with the

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