The best interactive car toys for toddlers

If you are reading this article, it’s safe to assume you are planning a long car ride with a toddler or you are having trouble keeping your toddler busy and happy in the car. For some kids, no matter how many distractions you have car rides are not easy. But think of it this way: every minute you can keep them busy and happy is one less minute you have to listen to crying or whining. I’ll take that deal any day!

I am never against offering an iPad with some educational shows preloaded. My little guy is Little Baby Bum’s #1 fan! I do, however, try to offer an interactive toy first before resorting to the iPad. And don’t get me wrong, we do resort to the iPad when he’s in a mood.

Below are some of the best engaging and interactive toys to keep a toddler busy in the car. These options are tested and approved by me, as well as other savvy moms. Nothing on this list will break the bank, and they are all compact enough to store in the car and keep there for the most desperate of times.

  1. Mini Busy Board – buckles, ties, buttons and zippers. A perfect sensory toy for cars or airplanes.
  2. Learning Tablet – looks just like mom and dad’s tablet. Introduces letters, shapes, animals and colors.
  3. Buckle Toy – this buckle toy will keep your toddler busy for way longer than you expect! My little guy is always playing with the buckles on his stroller and highchair, so when I saw this I knew I had to ordered it for him. Great for fine motor skill development too!
  4. Dimpl Toy – we call this toy Dr. Pimple Popper! Yes, we’re gross. All kidding aside, its been our little guy’s favorite for a while now. I personally find it fun to pop the little bubbles myself!
  5. Poke a dot Books – sturdy, interactive books that make a fun POP on every page.
  6. Take-Along Shape Sorter – a fun and colorful shape sorter with crinkly flaps and bright colors, and easy to take on the go.
  7. Skwish Classic Rattle – timeless wooden tactile toy with bright colors, beads and elastic.
  8. Water Wow Art Books –  a no-mess art activity for the car or an airplane. Just fill the pen” up with water and as the pages get wet, colors and pictures appear.
  9. Wooden Apple Lacing Toy – a Montessori learning toy to teach coordination and fine motor skills. This toy is lightweight and portable which makes it perfect for traveling.
  10. Quiet Book – another Montessori Toy to keep toddlers busy and engaged. This book as so many things to focus on and learn basic life skills from. Its soft and easy to travel with.

I hope these toys help you get through some travel and long car rides with your toddler. Do you have any other options that I should have included on this list?  

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