Series: A curated toy guide for 2-3 months olds

The 2-3 month age is so much fun because your LO is starting to become more interested in the things they can look at AND starting to use their hands. It is still difficult to find toys for them to “play” with because they do not yet understand the concept of playing. Your best bet is to look for interesting things for them to look at, things that make noise, or toys that are easy to hold. Also, keep in mind that just about everything will end up in their mouth! The toys in the curated guide for 0-1 month post are still great for this age. Those Art Cards will most definitely still be a hit. Below is a curated list of the best toys for the 2-3 months old range.

  1. The Playgym by Lovevery – Play gyms and play mats are great for this age. This one from Lovevery is great looking and the little guy seems to love it too
  2. Taggies Crinkle Toy – This little crinkle toy has everything – vibrant colors, that crinkle sound that babies are obsessed with, little tags sticking out and a teether. This was our little guy’s favorite toy for MONTHS. He loved looking at the patterns and loved that he was able to hold onto it easily.
  3. SmartNoggin Noggin Stik Rattle – I don’t know why, but all infants LOVE this toy. Before they can hold it, they just love to look at it. I originally saw this all over the New York City baby class scene and had to see what the hype was about. I’m still not quite sure why, but it quickly became Charlie’s favorite toy as well. A friend of mine named it Larry the Lamp, and that name stuck with my husband an I as well. Get yourself a Larry in your life!
  4. Oball Rattle – All of the Oball toys are great toys to start out with. They are easy for little fingers to grasp, colorful and easy to clean. This one is teethable due to its size and the rattle beads make it a little more interesting than the regular Oball.
  5. Baby Einstein Take Along Tunes – This was the first musical toy that we introduced to our LO and he loved it. It is entertaining, there are 10 different melodies and, most importantly, allows you to introduce ‘cause and effect’ really early on (push the button=music and lights play).
  6. Tiny Love Meadow Days Sunny Stroll Stroller Arch – Similar to the 0-1 month age, LOs this age are very interested in looking at interesting things with different textures, reflective materials, movement and patterns. This stroller arch fits onto a variety of different strollers, bassinets, and car seats. Its easy to remove and take with you. Once your baby gets a little bit older you can adjust the arch so they can reach and play with the toys.

Leave a comment below with your little one’s favorite toys during this age!

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