Series: 5 things for mama // September (birthday edition)

Since my birthday is in September, I thought it would be fun to do a birthday edition of this month’s ‘5 Things for Mama’. Below are 5 things that I received as gifts for my birthday. I am one lucky gal!

  1. Ring Concierge Diamond Huggies – I have wanted these for a while and my husband really went above and beyond with this gift. Earlier in the summer I had actually ordered another pair of huggies from a different designer and ended up returning them because they weren’t what I was envisioning. These are the perfect size and essentially weightless. I haven’t taken them off since I got them.
  2. Illesteva Sunglasses – I have wanted a pair of sunglasses that were not $500 and not something that everyone else has for a while. The second I saw these I was obsessed. I love the shape and I love that they look cute with workout clothes and regular clothes. I can see these looking awesome with a leather jacket. They also feel completely weightless on your face. This color way with the rose gold is really pretty too.
  3. Lululemon Gear – For a really long time I was totally against splurging on Lululemon. Then I found a couple of pieces that I just LOVE wearing, and now I want them in every color. I’m not trying to turn you into an addict, but here they are… These leggings in this amazing color. I am telling you – these are always the first thing I take out of my drawer to put on. This top is just so comfy. I originally got it in white and had to get it in back to go with my new leggings. If you are looking for a good tank to workout in – look no further. This tank is the perfect fit, so soft, and so many nice colors.
  4. Black Boots – I love the simple detail of these boots. My black boots are usually pretty plain so when I got a Bloomies gift card, this was one of the things I picked out. I am so excited to wear them with black jeans and a big, chunky sweater this fall.
  5. Cashmere Sweater – Aqua has so many cute cashmere options right now. I suggest waiting until Bloomies’ next sale before buying any, but I am so excited to wear this one and the others that I picked out with my gift card.


  • Camille Deal
    September 30, 2020 at 2:00 am

    I have a girlfriend who is totally obsessed with lululemon.. it has me eyeballing a pair of leggings!

    • sarah
      September 30, 2020 at 2:01 pm

      I was so hesitant to spend the money, but they are the first ones I got for in my drawer! Treat yourself 🙂


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