Bibs that will protect your baby’s skin and elevate their #ootd

One of the best parts about having a baby (other than having a baby) are the adorable baby clothes. There is nothing more fun than putting your babe in a brand new, adorable #ootd – only to have it covered in food, drool, spit up, you name it. Babies can also get really bad rashes from their skin being wet, then dry, then wet, dry, wet, dry all day long (a note on this below).

Enter: the bandana bib. There are so many cute, soft and functional baby bib options, that will not only keep your baby’s #ootd clean and dry, but might even elevate it!

  1. Copper Pearl – Bandana Bibs with the cutest design and prints. These typically come in 4-packs for $19.99.
  2. Amazon Find – Cute variety of prints that are only $12.99 for a 10-pack. They get the job done and you won’t feel bad if you have to throw them out if they get stained. I like that the back is made of a fleece lining so your baby won’t feel wet all day.
  3. Bazzle Baby – These bibs are pricey, but also super stylish and absorbent. They come in a 4-pack that includes some teether bibs as well.
  4. Green Sprouts – These muslin bibs are super soft and absorbent. They come in white or solid colors, and can be found for great prices on Amazon.

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