6 Tips to Improve Your Play Space Without Buying a Thing

Are you tired of looking at the same toys and play area day after day? Have a feeling your little one is feeling bored as well? I have good news for you – close that Amazon browser – you don’t need more THINGS! I collaborated with Julie from ThePlaySpace Designs to gather the 6 ways to improve your play space with things you already have! 
Plus, scroll down to see the bonus tip, that may just be the most important one!

6 tips to freshen up your play space:
1) Create a centerpiece with natural objects
Place a small, thick vase with a some flowers or other natural objects on your child’s toy shelf or weaning table. If you don’t have access to the outdoors, arrange some colored pencils instead (or let your child do it themselves!)
2) Rearrange your furniture
Get down at your child’s level, and see if there are any improvements you can make to the layout of your space. Be sure to allow plenty of room for movement, as well as easy access to all of their materials.
3) Put up artwork at your child’s eye level
This one never fails to brighten up a room. I like to put up artwork created by my children themselves (they love it too).
4) Reduce, store, and rotate toys
Observe which materials your child is most interested in, and put the rest away for later. Keeping fewer toys out will increase your child’s concentration and result in more meaningful play. 
5) Incorporate practical life activities
Instead of storing cleaning materials in a closet, make a spot for it in a place that the child can access on their own. When your child makes a spill, allow them to retrieve a cloth from a hook on the wall, and wipe up the mess. This way, accidents can become a continuation of an activity, rather than an interruption.
6) Create a cozy nook with throw pillows and blankets 
Every playroom needs a quiet space where your toddler can unwind, reflect, and just chill out. It doesn’t have to be fancy, just a soft place to sit with a few pillows and blankets will do. You can even set up a small camping tent with a sleeping bag! 
BONUS: OBSERVE YOUR CHILD – The best way to optimize your play space is to observe your child’s current interests, and let them shape how you set up their environment. 
What are your favorite ways to freshen up your playspace without buying new toys? 

More about ThePlaySpace Designs

At ThePlaySpace Designs, we prepare thoughtful environments for young children. We are guided by Dr. Maria Montessori’s philosophies for raising curious and confident minds, which we apply to every step of the design process, from floor plan development to toy selection.

Our custom designs of Montessori-inspired spaces are curated by blending our knowledge of early childhood development and interior design in order to create beautiful, accessible, and engaging environments within the home.

We believe that in an successful play space, the child has the freedom to be challenged and stimulated without needing the parent’s intervention. With that in mind, our designs will often feature child-sized furniture, developmentally appropriate activities, and plenty of open space.

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